Our franchising team has significant experience of franchising and the problems that can arise for franchisors.

Franchising has evolved over recent years and its use has expanded into lots of business sectors as a cost effective means of expansion for businesses.

We can provide you with specialist advice and will outline the rights and obligations which apply to the franchisee and explain what is expected of the franchisor and ensure that it has all been appropriately documented in the agreement. We are also able to assist in any dispute resolution that may be necessary having an in-depth knowledge of franchising and the most effective way of resolving disputes.

We can help with all aspects of franchising:

  • advising franchisee or franchisor with franchise documents
  • intellectual property
  • commercial property
  • employment and franchise renewals
  • sales and disposals

Please contact our Corporate, Company and Commercial Team

Our key contact is Malcolm Jones whose details are featured above. We look forward to hearing from you.


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