What Happens When You Make a Personal Injury Claim?

Posted 2nd September 2021

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Senior Solicitor Emma Carr discusses personal injury claims.

Personal injury specialist Emma Carr discusses what happens when you make a personal injury claim.

What Can I Claim For?

The type of injury claims that we deal with here at Newtons include a variety of different injuries, different accidents, for example road traffic accidents, accidents at work, slip trips on the highway, dental claims, medical claims.

What Is the Process for a Claim?

I would meet with a client initially and take the initial instructions from them, check the identification and then I’ll be able to investigating the claim for them. So for example in a road traffic accident, we would obtain the vehicle registration details, submit the claim to the insurance company, and when we’ve secured the liability, we would then go on to instruct a medical expert to examine our client.


If you’ve been injured or if you’re worried that you might be too late to bring a personal injury claim, please contact us today and speak with our Personal Injury solicitors. Our team is highly-experienced and very approachable, so you have someone on your side throughout your claim.