Motoring Matters

Newtons Solicitors can provide expert non-judgmental support and advice on matters such as drink driving, speeding and disqualification from driving.

The impact of motoring offences and the loss of a driving licence can have serious implications for you as an employee – it could lead to the loss of employment or, as a business owner, damage your ability to run that business.

Our team of litigators can provide advice on issues ranging from fixed penalty tickets, speeding fines, uninsured driving, dangerous driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone, Our road traffic and motoring team can help you handle the legal impact of all road traffic offences and advise you on how to achieve the best possible outcome.


Even a first time offence can lead to a prison sentence. We can offer the best advice to help avoid imprisonment and minimise the length of your compulsory disqualification from driving.


Business people who are continually on the road can be vulnerable to disqualification if they build up points on their licence. We can challenge prosecutions or help you keep your licence even if you have over 12 points.

Disqualification from driving

Disqualification can be a major setback causing huge problems with work and family life. We can help you persuade the magistrates to use their discretion and allow you to keep your licence.

Our criminal law team is here to help.

Please call us to find out how we can help. We can talk on the phone or arrange a meeting where we can discuss your options and give you a clear idea of timeframes and costs.

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