Family Law and Financial Settlements

Whether you are a married couple or cohabitees, Newtons offers expert advice on sorting out financial and property issues following separation – including advice on pensions and maintenance payments.

Sorting out financial matters both immediate and for the future can be once of the most daunting aspects of separation and divorce. We aim to sort matters out in a fair and reasonable way that reduces antagonism – particularly important where children are involved, but will of course champion your case from the outset and focus on your objectives.

We can advise you on areas such as the family home, maintenance, savings and pensions as well as immediate concerns such as how you can keep going without getting into debt.

We aim to assist couples in reaching an agreement as to how their finances should be split without having to go to court. This can help to minimise the legal fees incurred by both sides. If an agreement cannot be reached then it will be necessary to go to Court the downside of which is that control is given to the Court.

Financial settlements take into account the following:

  • The financial needs  of children (as well as other factors that may affect their future wellbeing)
  • Length of the marriage
  • Current earnings of each party
  • The potential earning capacity of each party
  • Assets of each party including pensions
  • The standard of living the couple have enjoyed during the marriage
  • The financial contribution that each party has made to the marriage
  • Other contributions that each party has made to the marriage (non financial), such as caring for the children and running the house

How much will it cost?

We can provide an initial free consultation with a member of our Family Law team. We can then provide an estimate of costs.

Our family law team is here to help.

Please call us to find out how we can help. We have offices across Yorkshire, Teesside and County Durham including; Knaresborough, Harrogate, York, Ripon, Darlington, Richmond, Stokesley, Northallerton, Thirsk, Beverley, Durham and Stockton.  We can talk on the phone or arrange a meeting where we can discuss your options and give you a clear idea of timeframes and costs.

Alternatively, please contact us online and we’ll call you back when it’s convenient for you.