Notarial Services for Individuals in Yorkshire and the North East

Newtons Solicitors are happy to refer you to an external Notary Public, confident that you will receive an efficient and comprehensive notarial service.

A Notary Public is a qualified lawyer, appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, primarily concerned with the authentication and certification of signatures and documents for use abroad. It is a particularly specialist area.

Whilst we don’t employ a notary in house, we regularly have enquiries and refer work to a former colleague and senior solicitor who has qualified as a Notary and provides this specialist service whilst enjoying semi-retirement. The Notary Service will not be provided by Newtons.

A Notary deals with:

  • Preparing and witnessing Powers of Attorney for use overseas;
  • Dealing with the purchase or sale of land and property overseas;
  • Authenticating company and business documents and transactions for use overseas;
  • Authenticating personal documents, professional documents, qualifications, immigration or emigration papers for individuals proposing to live, work and/or marry or divorce abroad and the adoption of children from overseas;
  • Assisting in the administration of the estates for people who either die overseas or who die owning property or who were involved in a business or have business interests overseas.

The Notaries Society website gives further details about the profession.

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