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Criminal Law

At Newtons our criminal defence solicitors have extensive Criminal Law experience.

Interaction with the police, the Magistrates Court and Crown Court is a sensitive and stressful process where livelihoods and reputations are regularly at stake, not to mention possible sentences. That’s why our Criminal Law solicitors are always on hand under any circumstances to provide supportive, pragmatic and importantly, non-judgmental Criminal Law legal advice and support.

What is Criminal Law?

Criminal Law refers to the rules and processes that are applied by the police and the courts to deal with behaviour that is deemed to be illegal. Criminal legislation addresses conduct that is deemed to be threatening, harmful or otherwise endangering property, health and moral welfare.

Criminal Law deals with the elements required for offences to be committed, available defences, the procedure to be followed by the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, criminal defence solicitors and the courts and sentencing to address punishment and rehabilitation of people who commit offences under the Criminal Law.

Criminal Law Solicitors at Newtons

Our criminal defence solicitors can help individuals with the following areas within Criminal Law and procedure:

  • Police Station Interview and Investigations by the DWP

A police interview can be a nerve-wracking experience as can an interview under caution with the DWP if you’re being investigated for benefit fraud. However, with experienced criminal defence solicitors there to support you, neither have to be.

  • Motoring Offences

Motoring offences can include anything from drink or drug driving to dangerous driving or failure to provide a urine, blood or breath specimen. Where a guilty plea is being submitted and we are required to attend one hearing on your behalf this work will be undertaken at a fixed fee of £800 +VAT, no additional disbursements will be payable. In any other circumstances please call the office to discuss your matter and we will provide you with further information on costs.

  • Fraud and Financial Crime

These crimes are a variation of theft which result in money or property being taken then used for gain. The difference between fraud and financial crimes and theft and burglary is that a level of deception or abuse of trust or power has occurred during the process.

  • Assault, GBH and Offences Against the Person

These charges fall into different ranges of severity depending on the injury. We can provide expert criminal law legal advice, so you fully understand any allegations or charges that have been brought against you.

  • Burglary and Theft

Theft refers to permanently taking someone’s property or money without authority. Burglary is when a property is illegally entered to steal property or inflict serious injury. We can help you to understand the Criminal Law and procedures surrounding both.

  • Harassment – Including Revenge Porn

Accusations and charges of harassment come from repeated ‘unwanted behaviour’ that’s classed as offensive, humiliating or intimidating. The ‘unwanted behaviour’ can be presented in many forms, including words spoken and written, and also photos or videos including in the form of Revenge Porn.

  • Sexual Offences

These can include none consensual offences such as sexual assault, as well as indecent images and sex with a minor.

Our Criminal Law solicitors are here to help. 

Please contact our Criminal Law and Procedure team to find out how we can help. We can talk on the phone, arrange a meeting in person or schedule a video call so we can discuss your options and give you a clear idea of timeframes and costs.