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Employment Law Specialists for Employees in Yorkshire, Cumbria and the North East

Our employment law specialists provide cost effective advice to employees regarding on-going employment concerns or Employment Tribunal claims. 

Our employment law specialists provide cost-effective advice to employees regarding ongoing employment concerns or Employment Tribunal claims.

Our employment specialist solicitors can provide employment law legal advice in the following areas:

      • Termination of Employment and Settlement Agreements

If your employer has suggested you end your employment, they may have proposed that you sign a settlement agreement (previously called a compromise agreement). These agreements are in a format required by law in order to give certainty to both sides. A properly executed agreement prevents you from bringing a claim to an Employment Tribunal and requires you to take independent legal advice, which we regularly provide. Your employer will pay some if not all of your legal fees, depending on the complexity of the terms and the amount of negotiation required. Our employment law solicitors will listen, review the draft agreement and advise you on what the terms mean and whether the offer is fair and reasonable. If further negotiation is required, we will of course deal with this if you would like us to.

      • Employment Tribunal Claims

We offer expert advice on bringing claims in the Employment Tribunal in areas including:

      • Unfair dismissal
      • Constructive or wrongful dismissal
      • Whistleblowing
      • Discrimination
      • Equal pay issues
      • Bullying and harassment
      • Maternity and parental rights
      • TUPE

We can help you decide whether you should bring a claim, negotiate with your employers and act on your behalf, preparing tribunal documents, witness statements, and representation at any hearing.

Read our latest case study to learn how we recently helped our client succeed with her claim of unfair dismissal and sex discrimination before the Employment Tribunal during the Covid-19 pandemic.

      • Disciplinaries, Dismissals and Grievances

This area of employment law can be particularly emotionally charged and distressing, especially if a situation has been building in tension for a long period without being properly addressed. We’re here to listen to the issues that you’ve been having at work, discuss with you our opinion on your legal rights and how we can help and talk about how you should engage with your employer either with us communicating on your behalf or advising you in the background. Whether you are facing an investigatory or disciplinary procedure, dismissal from work or have a grievance against a colleague or your employer, we can guide you through your situation. As well as offering sound employment law legal advice, we can offer practical help in preparing for meetings and writing letters.

      • Employment Legal Advice to Managers and Senior Executives

Our team of employment specialist solicitors also provides bespoke employment law legal advice and assistance to managers and senior executives with negotiated exits, termination arrangements and negotiating restrictive covenants, severance payments and bonus disputes.

We also provide employment law legal services to businesses and employers. So, if you are seeking employment law legal advice, our experienced team of employment law solicitors is here to help you with whatever you need. Please contact us to arrange a phone call, video call or to meet us at our offices.

Our employment law experts are here to help.

You can view our legal costs for employees bringing cases in the employment tribunal.

Please call us to find out how we can help. We can talk on the phone or arrange a meeting where we can discuss your options and give you a clear idea of timeframes and costs.

Alternatively, please contact us online and we’ll call you back when it’s convenient for you.


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