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Employment Law for Business

Employment law is ever changing – staying ahead of those changes can be daunting for any employer. Newtons employment team will keep you ahead of the game.

Employment law for business is ever-changing, and staying ahead of those changes can be daunting for any employer. Newtons’ expert employment law solicitors will keep you comfortably ahead of the game.

The Importance of Business Employment Law

Understanding business employment law regulations is vital for every business, large or small, because your employees are the core of your business. At Newtons, we understand the importance of employment regulations while appreciating they are not often easy to navigate.

Business employment law creates a positive, safe and fair working environment, which is crucial for increased productivity, efficiency and overall business success. When businesses adhere to business employment laws, employees are much less likely to be able to bring a successful claim to an employment tribunal.

Business employment law regulations are complex and cover various specialisms, from contracts to dismissals to staff handbooks. The highly experienced and personable team at Newtons specialises in providing tailor-made employment legal advice to employers and senior executives in a diverse range of businesses.

Employment Law for Business Specialisms

We offer employment legal advice on all aspects of employment law for business, including:

  • Terms and contracts of employment:
    We advise on changes in regards to employment regulations and can prepare employee contracts and issue employee terms.
  • Dispute resolution:
    If you have a dispute with your employee, our employment law solicitors can help you achieve a resolution. We can support you at any stage of a dispute, including during a Tribunal or at Court.
  • Discrimination and harassment:
    Employment regulations regarding workplace discrimination and harassment are strict, and any party found guilty of such behaviour faces heavy consequences.
  • Redundancy and dismissal:
    Letting go of an employee is often unavoidable and stressful. We ensure employers are following employment regulations and can advise you on navigating this process to achieve an amicable and productive outcome.
  • Restructures:
    Restructuring your business might involve closing down an office or cutting back on staff numbers. Inevitably, there will be a lot of considerations to account for, especially when it comes to staff. We can offer practical employment legal advice during any stage of a restructuring project.
  • Staff handbooks:
    Every company needs a staff handbook that complies with the Acas codes of practice. We can ensure your staff handbooks protect your business and your rights; this is especially important if you are ever involved in an Employment Tribunal.
  • Disciplinary procedures and grievances:
    We can advise on employment regulations in regards to disciplinary procedures and grievances. Our employment law solicitors are well-versed in advising on Acas code compliance, formally setting out procedures, and Employment Tribunals.
  • Equal pay:
    The Equality Act 2010 includes legislation regarding equal pay. Our solicitors can offer advice when it comes to following the equal pay employment regulations, and can support an employer being accused of discrimination.
  • Flexible working:
    We can advise employers on legal rights in regards to flexible working arrangements, such as staggered hours, working from home and phased retirement. As an employee, you have a legal right to ask for flexible working, and as an employer, you are legally obliged to consider this request in a reasonable and fair manner.
  • Employment Tribunal claims:
    Our employment law solicitors are well-versed in representing parties during Employment Tribunals and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome. You can read our guide to understanding the Employment Tribunal claims process for employers for more information.
  • Settlement agreements:
    Previously known as compromise agreements, settlement agreements are legally binding agreements drawn up to resolve a dispute between employer and employee. As a legally binding agreement, it’s vital to seek advice from specialist employment law solicitors.
  • Restrictive covenants:
    A restrictive covenant sets out what an employee can and cannot do for a certain time period following their termination of employment. They are typically included in an employment contract or policy documents. If you need legal advice regarding restrictive covenants, including signing them or breaking them, our solicitors can offer expert employment legal advice.
  • TUPE matters:
    The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, commonly referred to as TUPE, protect your employment rights if your employment transfers to a new employer. Our solicitors will ensure your rights are protected when it comes to TUPE matters, and can advise employers seeking legal advice on the matter.
  • Absence management:
    If your employees are unfit for work, either short-term or long-term, it’s important to ensure you have appropriate absence management procedures in place. We can advise on these procedures to ensure you are complying with your legal obligations as an employer.
  • Data protection:
    Data protection is now a core component of employment law for business. Employers are legally obliged to handle employee data safely and fairly. The GDPR regulations outline the legal obligations employers have in regards to data protection and the rights of employees. If you are concerned about the data your employer is holding on you, or if you are an employer accused of breaching GDPR, contact our employment law solicitors today.
  • Recruitment and selection:
    Employers must be aware of employment law for business before an employee is hired. In line with the Equality Act, a fair selection process must be upheld. To ensure your recruitment and selection procedures are legally sound, our solicitors are here to advise.

Employment Regulations Training

As part of our employment legal advice services, we offer in-house training for employees, HR teams and management. Our services are comprehensive, practical and cost-effective, and we can advise on all areas of employment regulations. To ensure your business is complying with employment law for business, please contact our employment law solicitors for information regarding training sessions.

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If you need advice on business employment law, our team will strive to address your concerns and resolve your problems practically and cost-effectively. Please contact Newtons Solicitors today or request a callback. We prioritise building solid working relationships with our clients; getting to know how you and your business works will enable us to provide the best employment legal advice for you.


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