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Commercial Property Law Solicitors across Yorkshire, Cumbria and the North East

Commercial property transactions are often the starting point for many successful businesses or are key to continued operation and growth. As a result, it is important that the legal process is smooth.

Fortunately, our team of highly experienced commercial property solicitors can offer expert conveyancing advice whether you are buying or selling commercial property.

What is Commercial Property Law?

Commercial property law applies to any property or land transaction for commercial reasons. Our commercial property law firm can deal with legal issues regarding commercial property development, ownership, leasing, and management, including property transactions, disputes, environmental regulations, and compliance.

Our Commercial Property Solicitor Services

Our commercial property lawyers have a wealth of expertise in the full range of commercial property transactions. We regularly act for both landlords and tenants in the following areas:

  • Negotiating and advising on heads of terms

Heads of terms set out the basic terms of your commercial lease before drafting formal contracts. We can help you draft and understand the terms and negotiate these on your behalf.

  • Negotiating and drafting of new leases and lease renewals

We are well-experienced in commercial leases and the renewal of existing leases. We will ensure that the key terms in your commercial lease are right for you before you sign.

  • Termination of leases

Our commercial property lawyers can advise clients on the legal procedures for terminating a lease, including where a lease is surrendered or forfeited. For example, forfeiture may be an option if your commercial tenant is not paying rent.

  • Sale and leaseback

We can facilitate the property sale by an owner to a buyer who then leases it back to the initial owner, enabling them to retain the use and occupation of the premises.

  • Insolvency of landlord or tenant  

We can manage and advise on legal matters arising from the financial insolvency of the tenant or landlord

  • Consent for sublets

Our commercial property solicitors can help obtain consent from a landlord for a tenant to sub-let the property to another occupier.

  • Consent for Assignments

We can assist tenants in securing consent from a landlord to transfer their leasehold interest to another party.

  • Licences for alteration

Newtons can assist in securing a landlord’s consent for tenants to make alterations to the property.

  • Licences for change of use

If you want to change the designated use of your leasehold property, we can advise you on the process and help you to seek the necessary consents.

  • Rent reviews

As a commercial landlord, you should consider including a rent review clause in your lease. Our team can assist you with this, as well as negotiate a rent increase when the time comes.

  • Surrenders

Commercial lease surrenders involve voluntarily bringing a lease to an end before it expires. If you or your tenant have initiated the surrender process, our commercial property solicitors are on-hand to advise on the implications and legal process.

  • Dilapidations

Dilapidations refer to any breaches of a tenant’s repair obligations. Newtons can assist in bringing or defending dilapidation claims against a tenant.

  • Break clauses and surrenders

We can assist with drafting and negotiating break clauses, serving a break notice, and negotiating a lease’s voluntary termination.

  • Funding

Our commercial property lawyers have experience in helping clients secure financial backing for commercial property transactions.

  • Insolvency

We can offer legal assistance and advice concerning financial distress, including debt and bankruptcy situations.

  • Exit strategies

We can help form legal plans for exiting commercial property investments and holdings.

“Acted promptly, with care and explained all the legal steps through with me.” – A client’s review of our Thirsk office

Why should you work with a commercial property law firm?

There’s just no getting around it: this area of law is complex, so instructing a specialist commercial property solicitor to represent you and your business is key.

Business leases are complicated documents that carry real financial risks for both the landlord and tenant, which is why a commercial property lawyer is necessary to have on board to avoid disputes.

How Can a Commercial Property Solicitor at Newtons Help You?

At Newtons, our highly skilled commercial property solicitors are used to working with clients operating under tight deadlines to agree their leases.

We regularly work as part of our clients’ professional teams to complete their projects, often at a very fast pace.

Our commercial property solicitors will ensure that property concerns are flagged early to avoid unnecessary complications and delays and work constructively and collegiately to overcome hurdles to completion.

“Their billing is extremely fair and transparent, and their advice is second to none. Their solicitors are always friendly, approachable and clearly explain any legal “jargon” so you understand the relevant processes.” – A client’s review of our Knaresborough office

Learn more about legal advice for commercial tenants with one of our commercial property conveyancing solicitors, Will Conway.

Contact our commercial property lawyers

We understand that navigating commercial property legislation can feel daunting, so our highly experienced team is here to assist you through this process. We provide strategic, tailored advice to meet your needs and protect your interests on everything from commercial property finance law to agricultural conveyancing to charity law.

Please get in touch with Newtons today and our commercial property solicitors will advise on the best steps forward.


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