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National Minimum Wage changes from 1st October 2014

Posted: 1st October 2014
Written by: Newtons Media Team

The annual increase in the National Minimum Wage comes into effect on 1 October.

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The new rates are as follows:

New Rates
£6.50 per hour  employees aged 21 and over
£5.13 per hour  employees aged 18 – 20
£3.79 per hour  employees aged under 18
£2.73 per hour  apprenctices

In March this year, new penalties were introduced for breaching the NMW rules. As a result, employers can be required to make up any NMW underpayments to employees and pay a penalty equalling the NMW they have underpaid, up to a maximum of £20,000.

HM Revenue & Customs have also adopted a policy of naming and shaming guilty employers.

Other Employment Law changes from 1st October 2014

Employment of reservists

The laws relating to the employment of reservists also changes on 1 October – in line with the government´s plans to increase the proportion of reservists within the armed forces. From now on, reservists who are dismissed for a reason connected with their membership of the Reserve Forces will not require a minimum period of service in order to be protected from unfair dismissal law.

There´s good news for SME employers too

Whilst any of their staff are away from work on military service, the employer will be able to claim monthly payments from the Ministry of Defence.

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