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Watch: Can Disputes Be Resolved Through Mediation? (Part One)

Posted: 13th July 2021
Written by: Stephen Fallon - Senior solicitor - Dispute Resolution

A senior solicitor from our Dispute Resolution team talks about mediation is dispute cases.

Resolved Through Mediation

Stephen Fallon, a senior solicitor in our Dispute Resolution team, explains that many cases can be resolved before reaching court.




In most cases, [disputes] can be resolved before court proceedings are issued, as parties often think, well, realise how much it will cost them, both in terms of legal costs but also management time and just personal stress and angst that they spend in their own time, because once you’ve launched into court proceedings, you are then compelled to comply with certain steps in those proceedings which can be quite time-consuming and, as I say, stressful.


Find part two of this video, ‘Are There Ways to Mediate Once Proceedings Have Begun?‘ on our blog, or find out what happens if mediation fails and you have to go to court. If you have would like any legal advice or assistance with disputes, please get in touch today and speak to our Disputes Law team for more information.