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Land Disputes

Our land disputes team has strong technical experience of complex issues relating to property disputes.

The land dispute solicitors at Newtons have worked with a broad range of clients, providing expert advice in each case.

We specialise in the following areas of land disputes:

  • Boundary disputes with neighbours

Boundary disputes happen when two parties think they have the right to the same piece of land. The dispute typically occurs when one neighbour installs a wall or fence on said land, and a disagreement follows.

Land ownership disputes with neighbours can be very unsettling for all involved as the issue feels, literally, so close to home. We are highly skilled in negotiating and resolving boundary disputes with neighbours to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

  • Adverse possession claims

When someone occupies a piece of land or property that belongs to someone else without permission, this is adverse possession. However, if this individual occupies the land in a certain way, for either 10 or 12 years, they may be able to apply for the land to become their legal property.

We can advise on all matters regarding adverse possession claims.

  • Enforcement of covenants

Positive covenants are agreements to use the land for positive action, whereas a restrictive covenant limits the use of the land. Generally, positive covenants don’t bind successors in title. Restrictive covenants, on the other hand, do.

Land covenants can be complex by nature. Our land ownership disputes solicitors are here to help.

  • Development agreement disputes

Development agreements are an umbrella term for a variety of arrangements between parties, including property/land developers, landowners, buyers, and tenants. Although these agreements are unique to each situation, there are common elements of development agreements and the disputes that arise from them. Our land dispute solicitors can guide you through all manner of development agreement disputes to find a solution.

  • Rights of way and easements

Rights of way refer to specific property rights while easements refer to general property rights that others could have over your land. Easement disagreements and private right of way disputes can be complicated and stressful to navigate. Our team of land dispute solicitors can assist.

  • Repossessions

Repossession of property or land can be incredibly complex and emotionally charged. We are here to walk you through the process of a repossession dispute.

  • Dilapidations claims

Dilapidation claims can be filed against a tenant who hasn’t met the standard of repair agreed to in the lease agreement at the end of the lease. This can, of course, lead to disputes when the tenant finds themselves liable to a sum they may struggle to pay. We can help landlords and tenants find a solution.

We can help you with your land disputes matter.

If you’ve found yourself dealing with land disputes, contact us today for assistance and advice from our expert land dispute solicitors. We work closely with our clients to ascertain their goals and work on their behalf to find a resolution.