Notarial Services for Individuals in Yorkshire and the North East

Newtons Solicitors are happy to refer you to an external Notary Public, confident that you will receive an efficient and comprehensive notarial service.

Newtons Solicitors are happy and able to recommend a trusted Notary Public to carry out the Notarial services you require.

What is a Notary?

A Notary Public is a qualified lawyer. Appointed by the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury, this type of specialist solicitor has specific practice rules they must apply by. Their practising certificates need to be renewed each year if compliance with the rules has been successfully achieved.

What are Notarial services?

Notaries mainly specialise in preparing, witnessing, and certifying documents that are going abroad. This can include contracts, certification of property, powers of attorney and much more. Documents that are handled by a Notary are referred to as ‘Notarial Acts’ and can be applied in a private or public form.

What can a Notary do?

For clarification, you can see the full extent of what a Notary can do, on our Notary Public Services page.

Although we don’t provide notarial services in-house at Newtons, we can refer you to our former colleague and senior solicitor who is a qualified Notary and happy to provide you with these services.

For more information on notarial services, please visit the Notaries Society website. Or, please contact a member of the Newtons team today to discuss the nature of your enquiry and whether you require notarial services.

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