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Infographic: The Changing State of Employment In The UK 2014

Posted: 26th March 2014
Written by: Newtons Media Team

This infographic provides a unique look at some current ´employment statistics´ for the UK.

The infographic shows the age spread for employment in the UK as well as providing stats on whether there is a North/South divide in the employment sector.

The illustration shows information on ´maternity and paternity leave´, information on the increase in the amount of ´employment tribunal submissions´ as well as information on the numbers on ´sexual discrimination´ and ´unfair dismissal´ cases currently being brought up here in th UK.

There´s an interesting timeline on ´minimum wage´ and also a couple of shocking facts regarding this; as well as some interesting statistics comparing the number of sick days taken against overtime worked.


An Infographic of UK Employment