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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As we as a firm continue to grow, we recognise that not only do we have to act responsibly towards our employees and clients but also for the communities in which we work.

Our CSR team develops and implements our CSR policy and monitors its effectiveness and impact. This team includes staff of different levels and from various offices.

Our CSR policy covers 4 areas of responsibility:

Our people and workplace:

We strive to create happy teams:

  1. One team – we will celebrate our successes together but if we need help, we ask.
  2. Respect – we want our team to feel valued and supported. We are open, supportive, friendly, approachable, professional and flexible.
  3. Development – we encourage development of our team and our business. New ideas can be suggested by anyone.
  4. Fulfilling roles – we want to enjoy our work and working with our colleagues. We take pride in what we do.
  5. Transparent structure – we are clear as to our roles, responsibilities and ability to progress.

Our clients and suppliers

We strive to maintain happy clients and suppliers:

  1. Communication – if our clients don’t know what is happening, we’re not doing our job.
  2. Promptness – in everything we do – or we ask for help.
  3. Manage expectations – we want to achieve our clients’ goals, but we need to make sure our clients know whether they are achievable. We focus on what can be achieved rather than what can’t.
  4. Value – our clients pay for our services. We always give the time and respect that our clients deserve.
  5. Relationships – people deal with people – we get to know our clients. We know that we are doing a good job when our clients reinstruct us on further work or recommend us to others.

Our local communities

We actively encourage our teams to become involved in local projects and charities, raising money through events and providing donations to those charities. We aim to build good relationships with local charities, particularly those wishing to build awareness, to bolster their visibility.

Our local/global environment

The firm has an Environmental Policy and we aim to focus the minds of our people on their environmental impact and the steps they can take to reduce it. We also work with suppliers who are like minded when it comes to the environment and sustainability.

We already recycle our waste paper, but we are committed to reducing the amount of wastage.