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NEWS: David Kirkman achieves accreditation as a specialist family lawyer

Posted: 19th July 2017
Written by: Newtons Solicitors

David Kirkman, Newtons family solicitor based in York, has achieved independent accreditation by Resolution as a specialist family lawyer.

David Kirkham at Newtons Solicitors

Resolution Specialist Accreditation is a mark of excellence in practice, recognised by the public, fellow members, the judiciary and the Legal Aid Agency. Resolution Specialists are members who have chosen to test their skills and expertise through a rigorous independent assessment of their knowledge, abilities and the way that they work with you and other people.

To qualify, a Resolution Specialist must:

  • Be a member of Resolution, the national association of family lawyers and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes.
  • Have a thorough general knowledge of family law including divorce, domestic abuse, child law and family finances and the range of dispute resolution solutions that might help.
  • Work in family law almost or entirely exclusively, and as a result have developed expertise in their chosen area.
  • Keep up to date with law and practice.
  • Have detailed knowledge, experience and expertise in at least two specialist areas of family law.