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Advice for Senior Executives

Our specialist team has particular expertise in advising senior executives on their specific employment issues.

Boardroom disputes and negotiated exits

We can advise in detail on the issues for senior executives who may be departing from a business, including concerns relating to employment, directorship and shareholding issues.

Settlement Agreements

Your employer may have suggested that you end your executive appointment by signing a Settlement Agreement.  By doing so, you will give up your rights to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal so we can advise you on what the terms mean and whether the offer is fair and reasonable.  Such an agreement may also cover off resignation from your Directorship, transfer or sale of shares and finalising benefit arrangements.

Disciplinaries, dismissals and grievances

If you are facing a disciplinary procedure or possible dismissal or if you have a grievance against your employer, we can provide both legal and tactical guidance on your situation as well as practical help in preparing for meetings and drafting letters.

Employment Tribunal claims

We offer expert advice on bringing claims in the Employment Tribunal and the courts regarding the end of your employment, board appointments and/or shareholdings.  We can advise you on whether to consider legal proceedings and guide you through the tactics and practicalities of Tribunal or court proceedings.

Please contact our Employment Law Team

Our key contact is Paul Hargreaves whose details are featured above. We look forward to hearing from you.


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