A Whiff of Optimism

Posted 17th October 2012

Written by

by Chris Newton

It is with a smile on my face that I type this, having just returned from a breakfast seminar (we´re talking full English) at which intimidatingly intelligent economists were talking about a ´´whiff of optimism´´ in terms of the world economy. How good can it get? And about time too!

It is more than 3 years since Newtons started trading and in those three years the group has grown to 5 offices and 45 staff. Office number 6 is clearly in our sights as we prepare to open in York.  People regularly comment that when the recovery comes, Newtons will really start to fly.  Whilst these comments reflect the success and growth that we have thankfully experienced during the recession, my wife comments that if we fly much higher we will have to start issuing space suits! Please step aside Mr Baumgartner.

On a serious note, we couldn´t achieve what we are achieving without our great team and also our great clients who place their trust in us.  When people ask how we are bucking the current trend, the answer is that we keep it simple. We apply copious amounts of energy, focus and persistence to what we do. We continually test new ideas to make our work better and naturally employ people who are good at what they do.

I am genuinely keen to hear from clients about the service that we provide, our team about the way in which we do things, new people who are interested in joining us and of course, new clients who are thinking of instructing us.  My door is always open.

You can contact Chris Newton on 01423 789051 or email him at chris@newtons.co.uk