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Intellectual Property Law Solicitors

Intellectual property is an extremely valuable business asset, so intellectual property must be legally recognised, enforced and regulated. Legally registering your intellectual property as soon as possible is truly in your best interest. Our intellectual property solicitors understand the value of identifying and protecting intellectual property to ensure that you keep your competitive advantage and protect your business.

Ares of Intellectual Property Law

The intellectual property solicitors at Newtons have extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of intellectual property law. Our team can advise you on:

  • Trademarks: A symbol, word or phrase used to identify a specific product or company.
  • Patents: A government granted right to stop others from making, using or selling a party’s new invention.
  • Copyright: An exclusive right given to the owner of creative work to prevent others from copying and reproducing their work.
  • Domain names: The name making up a domain name can be protected by copyright.
  • Intellectual property rights agreements: A contract between two or more parties involved in the purchase and sale of intellectual property rights.
  • Intellectual property infringements: A breach of intellectual property rights.

How to Protect Intellectual Property

When it comes to intellectual property law, there are various ways to protect your intellectual property. The type of intellectual property protection you need will depend on the type of product or service you are trying to safeguard. The most common types of IP protection are:

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Design Rights

Our team of intellectual property solicitors can advise you on how to protect intellectual property correctly, and support you through the entire process, no matter how complex this may be.

How to Register Intellectual Property

Understanding how to protect intellectual property is only half the battle; knowing how to register intellectual property correctly is crucial to ensure your ideas and innovations are protected as soon as possible.

Registering intellectual property, whether that’s through a trademark, patent or another form can be done through the UK’s Intellectual Property Office. It is strongly recommended that you seek the guidance of experts in intellectual property law to ensure your application is completed thoroughly and accurately. Intellection property law is complex, and an experienced Newtons’ IP solicitor will ensure that nothing is overlooked.


Trademarks are crucial for many businesses; they protect your brand, reputation and customer relationships. Trademarking falls under intellectual property law as a  trademark is a legal right that gives you exclusive ownership and use over your mark. You can apply a trademark to a variety of brand imagery, including brand name, strapline, logo, or the shape of a product. Our team of intellectual property solicitors are well-versed in trademarks and can fully-support you with this process.

Expert Trademark Infringement Solicitors

Trademark infringement occurs when your trademark is recreated with an extreme likeness, and used, without your authorisation. This can seriously damage the reputation of your brand and compromise your business. Seeking the advice of specialist trademark infringement solicitors is critical for challenging anyone who infringes your trademark. Our trademark infringement solicitors have a comprehensive understanding of intellectual property law and are highly experienced in helping clients robustly defend their trademark rights.


Patents are used by inventors to protect their invention, features and processes. An invention can only be patented if it is novel, inventive and has industrial applicability. A patent application needs to be meticulously and accurately filled out, which is a service our intellectual property solicitors are well-versed in providing.

If you believe your patent has been infringed, our intellectual property law experts can assist you throughout the entire patent litigation process. Our team are committed to protecting the rights of businesses and are highly experienced in helping a variety of clients with patent infringement.


Once you create a piece of work that is eligible under copyright law, that work is automatically copyrighted. Some examples of creations that are protected by copyright in the UK include films, sound recordings, novels and computer programmes.

In the UK, you do not need to register to copyright your eligible creations as copyright is automatically granted under intellectual property law. However, you should consider sending dated records of your copyrighted work to an intellectual property solicitor for further protection.

Highly-Skilled Copyright Infringement Solicitors

Copyright infringement occurs when another party copies, distributes, lends, imports or broadcasts a substantial part of copyrighted material without consent. Assisting and enabling others with copyright infringement is also a breach of intellectual property law.

If you’re the victim of copyright infringement, it’s advised to contact experienced copyright infringement solicitors to provide suitable knowledge, support and guidance. Our team of expert copyright infringement solicitors will help you to understand your moral and legal rights, and will work tirelessly to protect them.

Passing off

Passing off occurs when a business falsely passes off their services or products as the services or products of another more established and reputable business to benefit from their success. This is unethical, and not only does misleads customers, but also damages the goodwill of the targeted business, which can have dire financial consequences.

Without official intellectual property protection, it can be difficult to challenge an infringer who has passed off your goods or services. At Newtons, our highly-experienced intellectual property solicitors can assist you in navigating the often complicated intellectual property process. We can also advise businesses who have been targeted by passing off and help you to understand your rights.


Experienced Intellectual Property Solicitors

At Newtons, we have a team of intellectual property solicitors who are highly-experienced and well-practised in intellectual property law. We understand the importance of protecting your ideas, creations and business from infringers, and can provide a full-service support for any of your intellectual property law needs. Please contact our team for further assistance.


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