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Intellectual Property Disputes Solicitors across Yorkshire, Cumbria and the North East

Intellectual Property disputes happen in business for a host of reasons. Our Intellectual Property Dispute Solicitors are highly experienced in resolving complex business disputes involving intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution

Intellectual property refers to names, images, designs, inventions, literary and artistic works.  There is clearly a lot of money invested by businesses in building up their good names, brands and products. Intellectual property law protects against such investments being abused or exploited by others inappropriately. Our experience includes representing businesses where others use similar trading names, where successful products are reverse engineered, copied and sold at a discount, where computer software is stolen and where domain name disputes occur. It is helpful if the intellectual property is protected by the various means of registration, but it is common to enforce unregistered rights.

An Intellectual Property dispute can often include injunction proceedings together with claims for damages, either by way of royalty payments or an account of profits. 

How can Newtons help?

We’re experienced in collating evidence proving the creation and ownership of the intellectual property rights, dealing with injunction applications and assessing damages. 

Court proceedings are usually issued very early on in IP disputes, and we can assist with negotiating settlements at the same time as conducting court proceedings. 

Furthermore, we can assist with the future protection of IPR to help avoid repeated infringements. Or, at the very least, make dealing with enforcement a more clear and simple process. 

Please contact our intellectual property disputes team

If you’re interested in discussing intellectual property disputes with one of Newtons’ experts, please get in touch today. We’re happy to talk to you via phone call, video call or in our office, just let us know what suits you best.