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Commercial Injunctions Solicitors across Yorkshire, Cumbria and the North East

The team at Newtons have experience in different types of injunctions in contract law, and we strive to work quickly, thoroughly and accurately to protect your best interests.

Types of Injunction in Contract Law

An injunction is a court order prohibiting a person from taking a particular action (a prohibitory injunction) or requiring them to take a particular action (a mandatory injunction). A party who breaches an injunction can be held in contempt of court, which can result in a fine or imprisonment. Injunctions are often required to protect a business. It is essential that the application is made promptly, not only to increase the likelihood of the Judge being satisfied that the order is required but also to deal with whatever threat your business is facing. 

The most common type of injunction is where employees leave and set up in competition, in breach of restrictive covenants in their contracts. An injunction in these circumstances can prevent them from operating for a period of time. Or, it may require them to deliver up confidential information that shouldn’t have been taken from their former employer, as well as disclose details of people who they have contacted in preparation for their new business.

Injunctions are also regularly sought where intellectual property rights are being breached and protection is required. Finally, we also have experience of applications for injunctions against third parties, where information is required in order to identify people responsible for damaging a business unlawfully. 

How can Newtons help?

Applications for injunctions are complex and are not given lightly. If it is later proven that the injunction should not have been granted in the first place, then damages can be awarded to the aggrieved party. Working fast, accurately and collating what is often considerable amounts of evidence in support of injunction applications is what our team is experienced with. This is essential at a time when you are typically highly stressed from facing a serious threat to your livelihood. 

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For comprehensive legal support in injunctions in contract law, please get in touch with our commercial disputes experts. We are happy to organise a telephone conversation, video call or meeting at our office, depending on your preference.