Legal Aspects of Franchising

Our franchise solicitor team has significant experience with all legal aspects of franchising, including franchise agreement law and franchise protection laws. We understand and can pre-empt many of the problems that can arise for franchisors, and we’re able to provide expert franchise legal advice.

Legal Aspects of Franchising

The Newtons’ franchise solicitor team are well-versed in all legal aspects of franchising. We’re driven to fully understand you as a businessperson, your franchise and your industry in order to provide tailored franchise legal advice.

The legal aspects of franchising we specialise in include:

  • franchise agreement law
  • advising franchisee or franchisor with franchise documents
  • intellectual property
  • commercial property
  • employment and franchise renewals
  • sales and disposals

Franchise Agreement Law

A franchise agreement is a legally-binding document which establishes the terms of the relationship between franchisor and franchisee. This is the most important document for franchisers because it sets out the obligations and legal rights for both parties as per franchise contract law. Examples include territorial rights, on-going fees and marketing obligations.

Franchise agreement law is complex, and franchise agreements typically cover many different legal aspects of franchising. In turn, seeking the support of an experienced franchise contract law solicitor is highly advised. At Newtons, our franchise solicitor team can assist you with negotiating, drafting and executing a franchise contract that protects your interests. We will outline your rights, obligations and expectations and ensure this has all been appropriately documented in the agreement. In addition, we can provide franchise legal advice to assist you with franchise agreement dispute resolution effectively.

If you’re interested in seeking legal advice for other corporate agreements, Newtons solicitors are well-versed in the legalities of a multitude of agreement types.

Franchise Protection Laws

In order for a franchisor to protect their business during and after a franchise agreement, they must pay attention to franchise protection laws. Involving another party in your business, such as a franchisee, always poses a risk. Therefore, franchisors should take the appropriate steps to safeguard their business legally.

The most critical element of franchise protection law is intellection property. Therefore, as a franchisor, you need to consider registering your valuable business assets as intellectual property. As a result, when a franchise agreement terminates, you can legally challenge a franchisee who tries to continue using your intellectual property without consent.

Newtons’ franchise solicitor team are highly-experienced in franchise protection law. We’ll help you understand your rights, pre-empt any threats and rigorously protect your business.


Expert Franchise Legal Advice

If you’re seeking expert franchise legal advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Newtons’ franchise solicitor team. With extensive experience in many legal aspects of franchising, we’re well-equipped to support and guide you through all areas of franchise agreement law, franchise protection laws and more.