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Partnership Dispute Lawyers across Yorkshire, Cumbria and the North East

If you are caught up in a partnership dispute, our team of specialist solicitors can help. At Newtons, we work hard to resolve partnership disputes as quickly and effectively as possible.

Business Partner Disputes

We work with business owners to avoid partnership disputes as well as resolving issues after the business relationship has hit difficulties. It is fair to say that these disputes can be as stressful as a divorce. After all, you are falling out with your business partner, which you have committed a huge amount of effort building your business with over many years. A dispute often occurs where there is disagreement as to the contribution by one partner, or their conduct, leading to resentment about profit share. Disputes also often occur when a partner seeks to retire and wants to take their money out of the business. A partnership agreement is the first port of call when dealing with disputes, but if there is ambiguity in the drafting or one was never signed, then the dispute has to be resolved according to the Partnership Act. 

How can Newtons help?

At Newtons, we understand the importance of preventing, managing and resolving any partnership disputes as effectively and efficiently as possible. The starting point has to be addressing the cause of the dispute together and finding out what the parties want to achieve going forwards. A form of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation might be an effective approach here. Failing that, we can deploy a wide range of litigation tactics including court action to get your business back on track for the future, in whatever form that might be. 

In our latest case study, we take a look at a high-value and complex partnership dispute where parties were unable to settle their differences and how Newtons achieved a multimillion-pound settlement in a long-running family company dispute.

Our expert team will help to make your unique situation clearer and provide pragmatic advice in areas such as:

  • Breaches duties or partnership agreement terms
  • Disputes over the share of profits or losses
  • Dissolution or winding up a partnership
  • Fraud
  • Leaving or retiring from a partnership
  • Partner misconduct
  • Suspension, removal or expulsion of a partner
  • Value of goodwill in your business

Please contact our partnership disputes team

The commercial disputes solicitors at Newtons are well-versed in advising on partnership disputes, so please contact us if you need assistance. ¬†We’re available for a phone call, video call or in-office meeting, so please let us know what works best for you.