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Corporate Agreements

Corporate agreements are the cornerstone of arrangements with suppliers, clients, and customers to supply goods and services. All businesses are involved in various types of commercial and contract law agreements. Our lawyers can help ensure such agreements meet your needs, minimise your risks and protect your interests, especially in the event of a dispute.

Our commercial agreement team act for a wide variety of businesses, agents, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers.

Types of Commercial Agreements

Our commercial agreement solicitors have solid experience and knowledge when it comes to agreement in business law, and we’re fully equipped to offer advice that’s both practical and commercially focused. Our business agreement lawyers are confident preparing many types of commercial and contract law agreements, including:

  • Conditions of business
  • Distribution agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Supply contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Data protection
  • Public procurement
  • Copyright and intellectual property
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Trading documentation
  • Computer and IT contracts
  • Bespoke commercial agreements

Newtons solicitors can help you navigate the complexities of the many types of commercial agreements and assist you with negotiating, drafting, interpreting and implementing agreements and contracts.

Commercial Agreement Experts in All Business Areas

Our commercial agreement lawyers are well-versed in advising clients on the various types of corporate agreements for all aspects of business, including:

  • Supply agreements: A contract between a buyer and seller regarding the supply of goods and/or services.
  • Shareholder agreements: An agreement amongst the shareholders of a company regarding the management of the business, decision making, distribution of profit, exiting the business, decision making, distribution of profit, exiting the business and the resolution of disputes.
  • Agency agreements: A legal contract in which one person (the agent) acts on behalf of the other (the principal) regarding obligations, remuneration and protecting goodwill created.
  • Distribution agreements: A legal agreement between a supplier of goods and a distributor of goods including the protection of territory and circumstances leading to termination.
  • Terms and conditions: A document detailing the rules that apply to a particular contract protecting the rights of both parties, limiting liability and being clear on obligations.
  • Joint ventures: A corporate arrangement where two or more parties work together and contribute assets for a particular goal or project.
  • Intellectual property agreements: A contract between two or more parties involved in the purchase and sale of intellectual property rights including the definition and protection of the intellectual property rights.
  • Franchise agreements: A legally binding document that establishes the terms of the relationship between franchisor and franchisee including reports and payments to be made, support to be provided, territory in which the franchisee can operate and standards to be maintained in order to protect the brand.

Corporate agreements are viewed by the court as legally binding. Therefore, it’s critical for a business to appoint an expert commercial agreement lawyer when negotiating and drafting an agreement. There is less protection from the courts in relation to onerous terms in commercial agreements compared to consumer contracts so it is critical to have the assistance of a suitably experienced solicitor to advise and negotiate before the contract is signed.

The commercial agreement team at Newtons will make sure to understand your business, industry and needs with accuracy and detail. By doing so, we have the best opportunity to fully support you and your interests when navigating corporate agreements in business law.

Read our breach of contract case study to understand how Newtons achieved a high court settlement for client on dispute over provision of software for online retailer.

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Experts in Corporate Agreements

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry in which you work, if you need a corporate agreements lawyer who has extensive experience handling agreements in business law, please get in touch with our team.