If your business trades through a limited company we can assist with the formalities of company law.

Setting up

Our team of company law specialists will get to know your goals and aspirations and advise you on the setting up and throughout the running of your business. We can advise you on all issues relating to private companies; or if you are wanting to raise capital in a public limited company, corporate tax and share options, Limited Liability Partnerships, finance and corporate structures.

We will advise on all aspects of company law, including:

Company formations

Articles of association

Articles of Association are, in essence, the rules which dictate how a company is run and define the sometimes complex relationships between the company, its shareholders and the Directors.

It may well be that your company’s Articles of Association could benefit from a legal audit. Often it is only when a serious dispute arises that the Articles of Association of a company are examined in detail and the results can be surprising!

Shareholders’ agreements, demergers, finance and exit strategies

Shareholders’ Agreements are agreements made between shareholders of a private company. They govern the relationship between the shareholders and set out rules on how the company is to be run. Sometimes, these agreements can be appropriate where you are setting up a company with someone else, perhaps even family or friends. You may also need a Shareholders Agreement when a third party wishes to invest in your company. They typically include clauses relating to:

  • regulation, issue and transfer of shares
  • description of how the company is going to be run
  • protection for minority shareholders

Shareholders’ Agreements can range from the very simple to the very complex and as there may need to be particular provisions in your Shareholder’s Agreement, legal advice should be sought at an early stage.

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