Landlord and Tenant

Our team of property experts works together to identify risks and liability, advise you on the law and then find a way forward which works for your business.

Leases are the foundation of property occupation and an understanding of them is key for both landlords and tenants.  Lease covenants and obligations are wide ranging and a breach can be damaging both for the landowner and the occupier.  We act for numerous landlords and tenants and understand the need to try and balance, often competing interests,  to protect the value of a property asset and provide a secure source of income for landlords and provide viable operational premises for tenants.

Whether you are renting out or occupying a commercial property, our team of experts will ensure that your assets are managed in a fair and reasonable way, giving clear advice in an often complicated area of commercial property law. Our team of specialist lawyers will advise you on:

  • Negotiating and advising on heads of terms
  • Drafting and negotiating lease agreements
  • Business lease renewals
  • Rent reviews
  • Break clauses and surrenders
  • Disputes
  • Funding
  • Consents to assign, change use, sub-let
  • Insolvency
  • Exit strategies

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your commercial property matter.  We look forward to hearing from you.